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Implementation of Consumer Neuroscience and Smart Research Solutions in Aromachology 




About the Project

The use of consumer neuroscience and smart research solutions in aromachology is a highly current topic and the network of partner organizations located in the EU enables research opportunities based on national preferences, the impact assessment of particular methodologies and comparison between partners, including the transfer of newly acquired knowledge and innovative solutions. The secondary benefit is active cooperation and a discussion platform between partners. Aromatic compounds in space are used by many companies, but scientific evidence about the development of aromas and the analysis of their use in practice is neither proven by testing in real conditions, nor more specified for various areas. This is exactly what will be achieved by the objectives and the planned procedures of the project, which will allow for mutual sharing of this knowledge within the partnership. The project connects 8 partners from European universities, as well as two companies that are the leaders in the field of production and sales of fragrances for public spaces, which has a significant contribution to the project aims. Linking consumer neuroscience, innovative research solutions and aromachology creates the preconditions for obtaining new, so far unknown knowledge and information. The project is actively contributing to innovations in the field of smart technologies and services, transfer of knowledge and technologies as well as a high degree of potential economic benefits. There are several studies in the world that use neuroimaging and biometric methods, but almost none of them take into account the air quality in the environment and changes in preferences (e.g. under the impact of weather conditions), while almost all are limited to laboratory conditions. Currently, there is no project related to the use of consumer neuroscience in aromachology in the conditions of the Slovak Republic. The aim of the project will be to prepare a complex publication output, the creation of a smart application and a reference database of preferences for businesses in the field of manufacturing, trade and services as well as for the general and professional public. The main added value of the project lies in the innovative and sustainable processes and results. Project outputs are also expected to improve relations within the domestic and international exchange of views and experiences with partners from foreign scientific institutions as well as the high potential for the usability of expected results, with knowledge transfer and a high degree of potential economic benefit in the field of education and training both at home and abroad.


Management of the Project

The coordinator of the project is the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, which has been intensively engaged in research on the influence of aromas on the subconsciousness of customers and on the final consumer behaviour for several years.

Aim of the Project

The project is aimed at exploring an emerging phenomenon in marketing - aroma marketing, which deals with how specific scents in commercial and other environments can influence human senses and thus create desired emotions, thanks to which it is possible to target the behaviour of customers, visitors, as well as employees.

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